Pre K Program

4-5 years

From 4 to 5 years old, your child will be meeting the last of their milestones at Milestones Academy. As the gateway to elementary education, our Pre K program will transform your child into a social butterfly. They will develop a significant interest in making friends, show an interest in their friends feelings, and even put on small singing, dancing, and acting performances. Your child will go from saying a few sentences to speaking clearly to telling stories . One of the most important milestones that will be met is being able to recall how their day went and tell you about it.

In this, we like to make sure your child is prepared with more than just the minimum milestones they need to be ready for Kindergarten. At the end of their 1 year in our Pre K program, your child will already be identifying, reading, and writing sight words, writing his or her name, and performing many of the skills typically seen at the end of Kindergarten. Some of the activities we do to promote these accomplishments are:

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